Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Jewelry Crafting

The Junklace
I started writing because I couldn't find the exact story I wanted, the same holds true for jewelry. I'd made a couple of things here and there in the past, starting with my my Steampunk Junklace and then, when I had two crosses from a failed project (was meant to be a gift but the execution totally fell through because I had no idea what I was doing) so I made a gothic ribbony necklace with some scrap lace I had laying around that is barely long enough to make a comfortable choker.

I couldn't find the exact wing earrings I wanted, so I made my own. That was when I was surprised to find the metal was quite comfortable, was really inexpensive, and the creation of it was downright fun, so now the majority of what I own is handmade.
Attracts vampires with the fancy lace, then repels
them with the cross while I stake them. I love a
good bait-and-switch hunting jewelry

I've made quite a few other pieces since then, building up a small dragon horde of findings and metals and glass beads. Most of what I made is pretty simple, just hook earrings with a simple fob on the end, but I also have dreams of making elaborate jewelry for costumes. I also love to make jewelry as gifts for friends.

This third necklace and earrings set was tricky. I had most of the pieces put together, but was struggling for a centerpiece. Anything I found that even looked remotely good with the theme I had was usually too large.

I then started thinking less red and black and began focusing on which to match with the bottom gems of the earrings. Finally, I also realized it didn't exactly have to be a centerpiece, rather a piece to a pattern. I had some small, white glass beads that would match perfectly and then they just sort of came together in the pattern.

The outer pieces look longer when held up, but lay more even with the rest of it when worn, which was what I wanted. This necklace was also meant for a friend, but it, too, fell through (for different reasons) and now it just collects dust because it's too ostentatious to wear with anything I have and, even if I did, my whole ensemble would be too ostentatious to wear anywhere I go (I like that word.)

Expect some more pieces in my next post (don't worry, gentlemen, I promise a post of nothing but awesome manly things someday soon.)

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