Friday, November 2, 2012

Hahaha! No.

Well, looks like even that schedule went down the drain. In record time, too!

Here's what I've been up to (in no particular order?)

A brand-spanking new novella! I've been in a bit of a motivation slump and have had it nagging me at the back of my mind, so I decided to give it a whirl in the hopes that it would rekindle my writing habit. I'll see about posting a preview sometime.

Sewing. I like to dabble a bit with sewing, but I'm not particularly good at it. I have no idea how to use a pattern, though I have been hand-sewing since I was about eight years old. I have a new sewing machine, which tries to kill me an awful lot less than the old one my parents have, though I did find a finely-embroidered assassination contract with my name on it sealed inside the box. What's up with that?

Some of my most recent projects have been stuffed animals (which, considering their quality, would make children cry). Right now I've got a pretty ambitious one of making a satyr costume for my brother for next Halloween. Expect details in a post tomorrow about my plans.

Jewelry. I love making my own jewelry. For the price of even a really cheap pair of earrings I can buy the materials for making some and make about 20 different pairs. The metals are also much more comfortable. With the exception of one pair of gold earrings I own I have changed out every single pair of hooks in all of my earrings to the more comfortable craft ones (jewelry-crafters, you know the ones I'm talking about, with the single ball of metal and the swirly thing on the hook). I'll see about showing some of my results for those, too.

It be mah vakash... vaka...vuh... It be mah time off.

A medical terminology class. It's actually been rather fascinating. So far my favorite word is blepharoptosis, which, for all its complex glory, means a drooping eyelid.

My parents had a 3 week vacation time in early October, which was fun. We don't generally do stuff like go on a cruise ship to Ireland, or some such. Rather we all like to stay home, pop the top off a beer, and stroke our shotguns while staring menacingly outward at anyone who happens to pass by.

With Halloween came a huge slew of updates to a bunch of my favorite games: Team Fortress 2, Minecraft, Mabinogi. Poor, poor Deus Ex has been gathering dust for a while now, and I've been itching to play it. Though I have, by now, forgotten all the controls and will probably revert back to a bruiser rather than the sleek, stealthy approach I was initially aiming for.

I am probably the only person ever to have a
hillbilly and Adam Jensen in the same post.
Free books! I'm a cheapwad, and after one free Kindle book sucked me in, I've been checking their best-seller freebies every 2-3 days ever since. I don't have a Kindle reader (or any e-book reader, for that matter), but I did sit down with my laptop and read one. I was pretty blown away with how impressive it was, being an indie author (hurr durr, that's some big talk, coming from myself)

Probably the most distracting of all, however, is Valve's Source Filmmaker. I have always wanted some kind of program that an idiot like me can use. Lo and behold, Valve obliged (they pretty much own most of my soul, at this point) and gave me something simple enough that I can use it, but complex enough that it can be used to create some really impressive stuff. Within just an hour or less I had already made a simple video and, within a week, I was fulfilling my animating dreams.

I'll leave you with one of my favorite videos (you don't even need the context of the game to enjoy it. It's like watching a Pixar short.)

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