Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Quick Cold Days Update!

Okay, so some quick news about my predicament with Cold Days (for what happened, you can read it  Here)

So my Mom got me a new copy of Cold Days, even going as far as to get me another autographed copy (I must have been crying even nerdier than I thought). It came in the mail today. I was excited, but also sort of distrusting of the book. I'm sort of a pessimistic person anyway, so I paged through the entirety of my second copy of Cold Days and looking at every single page.

Sigh. Guess who's getting a third copy of Cold Days at some point.

That's right. I now not only have one autographed copy that's missing pages, but two copies of Cold Days that are now missing pages.

Except one copy is missing pages 217-249 and the other is missing 377-408.

I'm looking on the bright side though: It could have been worse. I could have had the missing 377-408 and been way more pissed because I was further into the story. Also, best of all, I actually get to finish the story, using the power of both books.

By your powers combined I am Captain Planet a readable copy of Cold Days!!!

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