Thursday, September 27, 2012

Covers That Look Like Dusted

Time to kick my blog back to life.

I've seen this done with a lot of books before, Scott Westerfield does a great job with his books. It's always interesting to see book covers that are similar or sometimes even exact.

We've got my cover here. Which was actually a photo by the super amazing Mystic Morning on DeviantArt Here (It was used with permission.)

Who knew, though, that blue forests were popular?

We've got Hunted by DJ DeSmyter (which actually sounds pretty interesting.) It has a lovely "Looking up into the twigs" in an unnaturally blue sky. Even the font is sorta similar, except DeSmyter has a moon. I didn't get to have a tiny moon. You can view it Here

Next is Enthrall Me by Anne Violet (sequel to a Enchant Me.) With thicker branches, like you're running through a path and you're too tall and the branches are slapping you in the face (I've been poked in the eye with a lilac branch, but that's not much of a story.) You can view it Here

Moonsong by Lisa Olsen. Maybe not the same color, and it gets a moon, too, but we still have "Blue forest" You can view it Here

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