Monday, August 13, 2012

All Just Survivors Preview (Writing)

           A chorus of sounds from behind them told Kathrin that their quick, sharp movements of fighting had alerted more.
            "Let's move!" the man growled.
            Kathrin grabbed his arm and wrapped it around behind her. They half ran the rest of the way, the man's injured leg becoming more and more awkward with each step he took. He collapsed just outside as Kathrin threw the door to the gun store open.
            "Don't leave me!" he screamed frightfully. His eyes wide as he held his hand out for her. Kathrin saw behind him, the horde of infected so close that she could hear more subtle gurgling as they sped toward their promise of a fresh meal.
            Kathrin grabbed his arm, her fear making her able to drag him the rest of the way inside. She slammed the door behind them and locked it before leaning up against it and sliding down to a sitting position.

Hmm, can anyone guess what my next story will involve?

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